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Best Banks in America (2014 Rankings)

There are a lot of banks in the country. Some have branches in one community while others are located around the nation. Even more are popping up that are based solely online. Of all of the different banks, some are good and some are bad in terms of customer service, rates, and products offered to their clients.

It’s hard to name simply one bank that is good because there are thousands of banks in the country that have redeeming qualities about them. Below is a list of the top banks in the country, based upon one factor or another, as Forbes and CNN Money have discussed.

US Bank – CNN Money talks about how truly free checking is offered, waiving the monthly charges that other banks charge. Their other fees are lower than many other banks as well.

TD Bank – This bank makes the list because it offers a lot to customers with high balances. This includes quite a bit of rewards, as well as no ATM fees for out-of-network ATM visits.

First Citizens – This is a bank with a lot of checking options for customers. There’s a free account option as well as a Premier Checking where interest is provided – along with a safe-deposit box.

Zions – This one makes the CNN Money list because of no maintenance fee. Other features include low foreign transaction fees as well as a cashback reward for using the debit card at local merchants.

Ally – This bank makes the list for CNN Money and Forbes. It’s an online bank with high rates and no maintenance fees at all.

Not all of the banks are for everyone. Some are focused on providing services to students, others to individuals and others to businesses. Additionally, you have to look at where the bank is located to see if they offer services based upon where you are located.

Many of the banks that made it to the list got there because of low fees or no fees. In an economy-driven country, many people care about what it will cost to bank with a particular institution. Those who will open an account with no minimum balance or have a zero-fee checking account make it to the top of the list while banks that are still charging for a lot of the services have been left off of the list.

Another factor that got a lot of companies onto the list is what they offer in terms of returns. This includes CD rates as well as savings account rates. Due to the nature of each bank, this can change drastically. More and more online banks are making it to the list simply because they can often offer higher rates of return because of a low overhead.

The best banks reviewed are comprehensive. You will need to choose the best bank for you and your individual needs. Take a look at the banks, read the terms and see what products they offer. More importantly, see what they expect from you and what they will give you in return. The more you learn about these banks, the more you will see why they made it to the list.